FutureTax T2 Review

I recently went looking for a cheaper alternative to TurboTax (formerly QuickTax by Intuit). I have a small company that could almost count yearly transactions on one hand.  $200 to file the T2 Corporate tax return (the cost of TurboTax) just seemed silly. So I was glad to find FutureTax T2 ( for $60. I couldn’t find much online about this software, so I thought I would post my findings.

1) Is this a reputable company?

I have no idea.  But my experience was positive.  First of all the company is listed on Canada Revenue Agency’s website as certified for corporate filing.

While working, I came across what I felt to be a small glitch in the software.  I sent off an email through their online contact form and was shocked to get an almost instant personal reply (it was 9pm!).  We exchanged emails several times over a 15 minute period and solved the problem.  I also had no problems purchasing the license through their website, and no problems internet-filing the T2 with CRA.

2) Does it work?

As of this posting, there are some limitations for those in Alberta and Quebec (I don’t know what they are).  And like I said, my T2 was quite simple.  But yes, as far as I can tell, it works fine.

3) Is it easy to use?

Yes and no.  You don’t get all the polish of TurboTax, so you need to know a little more about the forms and schedules required for your T2.  But everything that can be auto-calculated for you is, and data entry is very simple. In some ways, working directly on the forms might be easier than TurboTax’s interview process.  And if you have forms from previous years, you can basically use them as a guide.


The actual user interface is not pretty, but not overly complicated either.  There are some strange mouse behaviours (for example, hovering on a tab will switch to that tab without a click) and I sometimes lost track of what form I was on.  But this is minor stuff, and I suspect they will smooth some of this out with more development.  Certainly I didn’t run into any problems with the math, and it has a verification feature that checks everything over before you file.

Overall this is a nice (light) app that gets the job done, which is all I needed! I hope they continue to support their T2 product.